CRIME EXPOSED (10 x 30) is SHOWDOWN PRODUCTIONS latest flagship programme. Screening on TV3, primetime on Monday nights, kiwi’s get unprecedented access to police officers and their ‘intelligence’ as they drive down crime through prevention and intervention. CRIME EXPOSED tells the real story of how the New Zealand police are waging the war on crime.

RURAL DELIVERY (TVOne) has become a tradition for the farming community in New Zealand.  Now in its twelfth series and with over 420 episodes gone to air, this farming business show is very popular with it’s niche audience and has gained significant traction with the mainstream audience in New Zealand since its inception in 2005.

SHOWDOWN has a string of high-quality documentaries, with a focus on social justice. The award-winning and critically acclaimed MAMA TERE (1 x 60), which tells the incredible life story of a cross-gender from Auckland. RAZE THE ROOF (1 x 60) follows three groups of students who compete in the local hip-hop dance competition and LOST BOYS (3 x 60), an amazing insight into twelve boys’ lives, who have all committed crimes and are given a choice between a fifteen week course or Juvenile Detention. We follow the boys’ as they make the extraordinary fifteen-week journey.

CITY GIRLS (6 x 30 & 1 x 60) is a high-rating, prime-time series that sees five city girls leaving the big smoke to experience life on a farm for six weeks.