Thousands of New Zealanders are involved in the complex and fascinating business of creating wealth from our primary sector. Many more thousands are consumers of those products.

For a decade now, the Showdown Productions team has showcased and celebrated the best of New Zealand’s primary sector industries, organisations and leaders on Rural Delivery.

It remains vitally important for New Zealanders to have the opportunity to learn about the work that is happening at all points of the supply chain: from the soil to the pasture or crop, from pasture to growth of livestock, to the processor, marketer and consumer. Rural Delivery plays an important role in beginning conversations on smart land use, access to science and technology, and providing a window to what drives our nation’s largest economic provider.

The show is hosted by Roger Bourne, an established agricultural communicator with broad experience covering New Zealand and international agribusiness and rural issues as a senior journalist.

Rural Delivery plays on TVOne on Saturday morning at 7.00am and is repeated on Sundays at 6.00am.